What is Omega Trail?
“Omega Trail” is a look into a possible future, a 45-minute walking trail which takes people from depictions of everyday life to scenes of chaos, empty graveyards and the battle of good versus evil in scenes of modern day depictions of what life may look like if Jesus returned.

With a cast of more than 100, organizers aim to show how leading a good life does not guarantee a happy ending, but rather it is a relationship with Jesus, a relationship those at The Summit hope is renewed and strengthened in the face of their drama of the end of times.

“The first Omega Trail began several years ago in October, 2005.  The Lord put a vision for this trail on the hearts of one of our church families as an offering of love for all who do not know that God loves them and does not want anyone to be eternally separated from Him.  Every year it changes a little and we try to improve on it,” Pansy Drobny said.  If one soul receives Christ, it will be worth it all.”

The trail has run yearly for 13 years (we did not have it in 2017 or 2018).  The trail usually draws more than 1,200 visitors each year, some from as far away as Buford and Hall and Paulding counties.

PLEASE NOTE:  Some sights are intense and the trail is not recommended for children under the age of 12.

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2021 OT Dates

October 22 – October 24
October 29 – October 31
A CASH ONLY snack bar will be open each night for your convenience.  For groups of 20 or more, each attendee will receive a $1 off coupon for the snack bar.
Omega Trail Apparel
Short-Sleeved T-Shirts
$15 ~ Youth Small – Adult XL
$17 ~ 2XL and up
Long-Sleeved T-Shirts
$18 ~ Youth Small – Adult XL
$20 ~ 2XL and up
Hooded Sweatshirts
$25 ~ Youth Small – Adult XL
$27 ~ 2XL and up
Full Zippered Hooded Sweatshirt Jackets
$32 ~ Youth Small – Adult XL
$34 ~ 2XL and up

Reservation Telephone Number

Call 678-372-3406 or go on-line to www.theomegatrail.com to reserve your time slot.  Tours begin at
7:15 pm each night.  Tickets are $8.00 each.  Tickets can be purchased on-line at theomegatrail.com or at the door.  


Preparation goes on throughout the year.  The most important thing that we do in preparation for Omega Trail is pray.  We ask young and old to pray that God will use this work mightily for His honor and glory.
Volunteers Dates to Remember
Sign up to volunteer TODAY!
08/30/20 – OT Promo Sunday
Saturday Work Days on the Trail:
Sunday Drama Practices:
Dress Rehearsals:
October 17th
Black Out Sunday:
(Wear your OT Shirt all day)


“I felt Jesus here.” “Really triggered me to notice how serious and how unexpected God will take us up to Him.” “Event was eye opening and it brought conviction to my own born again experience.” “God is present in this place.” “Thank you for bringing a visual of what those who are lost need to see and experience.”